Bangla road

Bangla road Patong beach

- Bangla road Patong Beach Phuket is one of the top nightlife mile in Thailand.

Every day hundreds of pretty Thai bar girls try their luck to make some money by angling a foreigner for a sexy adventure. The heat is on, the rock beat is hammering, the beer is flowing in streams and the nightlife is reaching new heights. Some tourists disappear with the girls into the the north of Bangla road and others play a round of pool in one of the sport bars.

Phuket girls are plenty at Bangla road Patong beach, they are mostly not from Phuket but from the provinces around such as Phang Nga, Surat Thani and Krabi. But the overwhelming majority of the Thai bar girls are coming fromnorthern Thailand. Patong Bangla road is some kind of a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, but a good one.

Dozens of Soi’s, means alleyways opening up into a yard packed with Soi girls around the open air Thai bars are the dream destination of countless single guys who get what they want and they dreamed over the whole year, almost everything is allowed and no question asked, welcome at Thailand nightlife

There are dozens of restaurants for all kind of tastes, oriental, European, African, Arab food, Russian Soljanka, Japanese Sushi, Chinese duck everything is here. Many guys from Malaysia come up to Phuket to enjoy the freewheeling night fun, they also have this at Kuala Lumpur nightlife andPenang nightlife but not as vibrant and total. Malaysians are the number one tourists in Thailand in terms of volume and plenty of the guys already stop right behind the border in the south to live their dreams at Hat Yay & Sadao.

The Patong pics below show typical nightlife scenes at Soi Crocodile also known as Soi Kathoey, where Thai ladyboys (Kathoey) dance on the table and expose them lots of skins to give a sexy atmosphere. The idea is, make a picture with them and pay hundred Baht or take one of them with you somewhere. At this place keep everything of value well hidden otherwise it strangely vaporize.

Patong Nightlife Bangla Road
Patong Nightlife Bangla Road

- Phuket Thailand and Bangla road is one of the absolute top nightlife spots in Asia

and Patong beach at the west coast of the island is where the “music plays”. The center there is Bangla road, a great and very diverse nightlife stretch where the whole world meets and this is actually not a yoke, it’s true.

After a day at the beach or elsewhere Patong girls move in at Bangle Road, the job and “farangs” are waiting. comes alive at night and the Thai bar girls roam Bangla road and fetch one of this red skin Mr. Lobster called farang. Everyone is trying to enjoy some fun, grab a couple of beers and watch the girls. There are also great restaurants.Thai hip hop, rap and love songs wobble

Patong girls
Patong Girls

through the air, bars line the streets and cool places with different color themes invite to hang out at Bangla road. One of the very positive features of this Patong road is, there is no dress code as almost everywhere in the Thailand nightlife scene all over the country. No need to dress to impress because people are clever enough to take dresses not serious, what’s counting is the person and not the dress. People who try to impress via a dress have no self conscious they don’t know what to do.


Bangla road bar

- Off Bangla Road

are several small alleys called Soi, such as Soi Tiger, Soi Crocodile alias Soi Katoey, Soi Seadragon, Soi Eric, Soi Katoey, Katoey means ladyboy in Thai language so you can imagine who is there, and so on. All this Soi’s all have one thing in common, hundreds of pretty Thai bar girls who are just waiting for the foreign tourists. again…chasing the guys ! Imaging a nightclub in Europe or US where the guys try to secure a date with a girl, usually without success, in Thailand its the other way around, at Bangla road the Thai girls are chasing the guys and this with success for both, that’s a dream like situation.

The nice thing at Bangla Road is there are also lesbians chasing the foreign girls, Thai gay guys know how to handle these foreign guys who are shy and blocked somehow. But now its time to get to unblock and free your mind, luckily Phuket nightlife at Patong Bangla Road is sensational for every guy searching after some fun and more. Move in on club and bar hopping, hit the dance floors at the Patong discos here is live music at several bars along Bangla Road Patong.

Patong Girls
Patong Girls

Bangla Road and the Soi show dazzling neon lights and myriads of pretty Soi Girls, Phuket Girls, Patong Girls and freelancing tourists with Patong ladyboys. Maybe you have enough of Bangla road after a while, means go shopping or dining in one of the open air restaurant in a starry night just across Patong Beach.


Patong Ladyboys
Patong Ladyboys

Along Bangla Road are myriads of Thailand nightlife hotspots

which lifts Soi Bangla into the nightlife heaven of Siam. There are plenty of street hawkers, selling Thai street food offering all kind of strange food such as grilled cockroaches, crickets and other. Bangla road is really inviting, not only for a single traveler who is searching for a girl, also the whole family will find fun and entertainment. There are also several hotels and resorts around Bangla road. There are endless open air bars and nightclubs with closed front doors,indicated something naughty is going on inside. There are dozens of restaurants at Bangla Road or in the close vicinity. Well over hundred go-go bars, some discos, bars with life music and one or two dance clubs, actually one opened in the Millennium Hotel at Jung Ceylon. Great nightlife girls, Thai bar girls and other right on the road are waiting for you. Patong Bangla Road nightlife is vibrant feel it! Erotic tensions are piling up with pretty girls who invite you for a game as warm up to end up with this very special Thailand girl’s sexy adventure.

Bangla road is the center where the real sexy nightlife game is on.

Patong nightlife
Patong nightlife


Phuket Clubs
Phuket Clubs                         

Patong Phuket is vibrant and real great for nightlife and Thai bar girls lovers. The girls are positive minded and the go-go bars dance floor pretty girls shake the body.

Aside of the Bangla girls are ladyboys in cabaret costumes posing together with the tourists for a nice shot. The Bangla pictures here tell more than words, there are also Bangla road videos one in HD.

Obsessions at Patong Phuket ? If its about Thai bar girls, yes, since hundreds of pretty girls who try to make you happy wait for you; it just needs some cash.

Almost all bars and Phuket clubs are low priced, Don’t expect any sophisticated or particular stylish bars and nightclubs, the idea is simple, drink some beers and have fun with the girls.

Bangla road is one of this places in Thailand where the Thai bar girls rally come to life. Everything is directed to let the foreigners have fun, beer and girls, maybe play pool, 8-ball billiards etc. or just watch the latest football game from Europe, they usually have the Premier league plus Spanish, Italian and German league soccer.