Go Go Club

Go Go Club – Go Go Girls

- When the beat goes on go go girls start to get the body moving and show what they have.

Go go dancer costumes show to the guys what hot stuff is underneath. Its sexy girls stuff when hip-hop and rap sound banging out from the loudspeakers. The go go boots glitter in the focused light beam and a laser moves rapidly through the go go bar, short skirt go go costumes cover the go go girl’s body rather little. Body parts in the upper front region are jumping up and down, sweat smells and the heat is on.

Go go girls have fun with their dancing job, the guys have fun, everyone has fun, beer flows freely, alcohol level is rising, the face gets red and the guys take a close look at the ladies who move up and down the pole, this is also called pole dancing and “coyote” in Thai language.
To come to the go go bar is primarily to have a look for gorgeous ladies, have fun and get drunk.

Foreigners from all around the world check the go go bars of Phuket, Bangkok go go, Pattaya go go and elsewhere in Thailand they all are on a vacation trip and some English on a “Stag Party” with the target, ladies, beach and fun Thailand nightlife is just right and ready for a night of fun.

Thailand go go bars are legend and Thai go-go dancer are the spice in the mélange. There are go go bars almost in any metropolis of the so called civilized world on all continents and the parameter are always the same. In Thailand are go go or coyote bars in every big city where some nightlife is shining through this goes usually hand in hand with karaoke, means some karaoke sets follow the dancing and again.

The ladies look very attractive with their high hill go go boots and slim fit outfits. No need to talk much about a go go dancer costume, there is almost none. The two tiny pieces of textile show more than they hide to let the fantasy run sometimes it runs wild. , no problem just let it out, this is nightclub fun area. Go go dancer outfit looks sometimes a bit strange but it serves the purpose.

- Go Go Bars at Phuket Town

Go Go Club
Go Go Club

a go go
a go go

A go go bar is a pleasure dome for the guys who just want to have fun and switch off. Go go dancers can be excellent party girls since they bring lot of fun into any place, just imagine what’s jumping in front and back. The girls rather seldom play wild, if it gets somehow wild its dancing. Those bars are virtually a sure bet for a fun night.

The girls don’t need many accessories for the job, just a go go dress and boots. Getting into some tingling business with a nice lady is quite easy, if you are shy take a beer or two to relax and get closer. The ladies know it how to make you hot, just leave it to them and take it easy and you will be the one who picks up the girl.

To watch go go dancing is a optical pleasure, especially if the ladies know a bit how to dance. They do it for you as long as you are nice to them and some money will be spent, they also have to live. 

Go Go Girls
Go Go Girls

go go girl
Go Go Girl


At Patong Phuket

Pating Girls
Patong Girls

at Patong Phuket
go go dancers

A bar with some pretty Patong ladies squeezed into the right outfits, usually high boots and sexy costumes is a great place. There are plenty of guys out there having a problem to a right match for some common fun. They are afraid of rejection and try to play safe by building a virtual wall around.

To overcome this problem do some vacation in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam or other countries in south east Asia and get things started, you will be surprised how easy that is.

At Pattaya walking street
At Pattaya walking street

Pattaya Go Go Dancing
At Pattaya