Pattaya Nightlife

Pattaya nightlife – Pattaya bars

- Pattaya nightlife is hot, full with Thai girls, beer, chaos and myriads of Pattaya bars, nightclubs and Pattaya go-go bars.

If you’re not chasing the girls and you are just after a pleasure hour with some food and drinks, maybe along the beach road or at Pattaya walking street, no problem. Since Pattaya nightlife is switched on until around 3am there is some time to beat. Pattaya nightlife is a variety of modern Sodom and Gomorrah at go-go bars, gay bars, ladyboys bars, girls bars, show venues and Pattaya street girls at the beach road.

There are plenty of Pattaya shopping malls and trendy clubs around walking street ideal for bargain shopping and nightlife. The city at night is made for single guys, they quickly become none single if they like.

The easiest way to do this is via the bars and pubs along walking street and beach road. Even the US style nightlife got a foot into Pattaya via the Hard Rock Café, a rather boring stuff, US style and Thai creativity won’t match.Over two millions foreign tourists come to Thailand and Pattaya every year and about half of them come because Pattaya nightlife with girls. There is also a substantial amount of Thai vacationers visiting Pattaya and in recent years Pattaya got into the grip of Russian and Arab tourists, most of the guys are after those pretty Thai bar girls called Pattaya girls.

Pattaya city at the nightshift is not unique in Thailand, almost every bigger town in the country has some kind of sexy nightlife similar is Phuket Nightlife and Bangkok Nightlife. Nobody give you a problem by filtering the crowd at a nightclub or disco that includes Pattaya girls bars, go-go girls and bars plus the bar at walking. street with Russian girls Pattaya, yes, they are here and the Indian, Pakistani and Arab guys go the extra mile to chase them,but they tell, they would never do anything like that, because they are Muslim, yes we know sexy and lies in the city.

The major Pattaya nightlife spot is walking street Pattaya and the small streets around. Beside of the bars are several great seafood restaurants and lobster restaurant, some of them have been built on poles into the bay giving a excellent dining atmosphere above the water with views full of colors as a contrast to the darkness of the night, prices are higher but not much.

Lobster Restaurant

Always in close range are Thai girls, without them Pattaya nightlife would not be existing. Pattaya nightlife at walking street Pattaya with Pattaya bars and Pattaya go go bars is part of it. Pretty girls wait for you and if you are a lone traveler its the right time to move in, make your choice and move out with the lady, that’s the stuff what is all about. Go-go girls shake the butts, some ladyboys try to make the business to finance tomorrow, everything in Thailand is focused as there is no tomorrow.Pattaya Nightlife at Walking Street
Pattaya Nightlife at Walking Street


- Pattaya bars and Pattaya go-go bars

Pattaya bars and Pattaya go-go bars are hallmarks of Thai nightlife, who could imagine a great nightlife without the dancers in sexy go-go costumes to show to the bar visitors what they have to offer. Its sexy stuff at its best when they shake their bodies to the latest Thai hip-hop and rap.

The Thai girls try to turn you on to get you into the right mood for some “hanky panky” business at the hotel nearby. That’s the job and the money goes upcountry to Udon Thani to finance a new TV set, he men, that’s business at the roots.

Pattaya go-go bars
Pattaya go-go bars

Pattaya Go-Go bars walking street

bar girls Pattaya
bar girls Pattaya

Pattaya Gay Bars
Pattaya Gay Bars

Pattaya go-go bars girls