Thaniya Plaza

Thaniya Plaza Nightclub Nightlife Massage

Thaniya Plaza is a Japanese domain in downtown Bangkok between Silom and Surawong.

During daytime a Japanese oriented shopping center with plenty of golf shops and travel agents offering golf vacation all over Thailand and in the night the Japanese guys move in having dinner at dozens of Japanese restaurants and after relaxing in one of the karaoke clubs and / or massage parlors, girls are pretty and prices are high, this is everywhere Japanese guys appear but the samurais have a extensive expense account which naturally help to have a stormy night.

Even at the restaurants the waitresses already try to get the guys into a good mood, maybe they take them with, its only a matter of money. When the guy pays a bar fee for the girl she will go with him. The same system is at the karaoke lounges and massage parlors at Thaniya Plaza.

Other stuff is done in the nearby Bangkok hotels or directly at Thaniya Plaza upper floors. Thaniya Plaza nightclubs ask high prices this is one of the reasons no foreigners of the European type are there only Japanese. On the other side there are the most pretty girls since they follow the money, nobody here follows Facebook or Twitter, they follow the money trail.

Since the plaza is directly connected to the Sala Daeng BTS Station its also very easy to travel there and at the other side of this station at Silom is the Silom Shopping Complex one of the huge city malls. This mall has a bit different shops and restaurants. At the upper floor is a interesting camera store full of old cameras in excellent conditions, they are quite expensive but are unique and of excellent quality. There is also a book shop with a rich selection of books about Asia, this shop is real unique, they have books you will hardly find elsewhere in Bangkok. The Thaniya Shopping mall is also home of a few painting galleries focusing on Thai modern art and consumer decoration.

After eight Thaniya Plaza morphs into a small version of Tokyo’s nightlife scene, dozens of Thai girls hang around in front of the bars and massage parlors to show what they have, trying to lure the samurais into “their” bar, some are also Thailand street girls.Bangkok massage girls are just sitting in front of the parlor to wait for a job, this is mainly a job to do the special massage for the guys including the famous Bangkok soapy massage.

Bangkok massage girls